How to go viral

Nine years ago, an eighteen-year-old American posted a video onto of himself dancing and lip-synching to “Dragostea din tei” that almost immediately went viral. You may better recognize this song as “Numa Numa“. Today, the video has almost 53 million views on YouTube alone.

In the history of the internet, this particular video was the first video to go viral.  How did that happen? How did a low-quality video of an unknown young adult lip-synching garner such attention?  When the marketing industry spends copious amounts of money trying to achieve this sort of exposure, how did a random guy do so without even trying? Continue reading


Produce fan-worthy content and get noticed online

Communicating effectively with today’s technologies and media takes some expertise and requires a strategic approach.

Today, a growing number of social media formats, news websites, blog sites and mobile apps provide the opportunity like never before for anyone to be a journalist. But at the same time, these many platforms can make it more difficult than ever before to be heard, nonetheless found.

Did you know that blogging is arguably one of the best ways to get noticed online as it allows you to Continue reading