Networked media and the Super Bowl

So the 2014 Super Bowl happened.  And I was not one of the 111.5 million viewers to watch it.Super Bowl 2014

There were reasons for my inability to watch the game; it was not my choice to miss the Super Bowl, and, although not obvious, I am a fan of football.

Then why am I okay with this untimely event? Because without actually watching even one second of the 2014 Super Bowl, I knew exactly what was happening in the game at any given time. And not only the actual football game itself, but I had the ability to watch the ever-popular Super Bowl advertisements, read blogs that critiqued the ads, get stat updates of each of the players, view photographs of Russell Wilson’s most recent touchdown pass, and discuss the Super Bowl with my friends cybernetically – and, get this, – all from my smartphone.

This is just one example of Continue reading