Produce fan-worthy content and get noticed online

Communicating effectively with today’s technologies and media takes some expertise and requires a strategic approach.

Today, a growing number of social media formats, news websites, blog sites and mobile apps provide the opportunity like never before for anyone to be a journalist. But at the same time, these many platforms can make it more difficult than ever before to be heard, nonetheless found.

Did you know that blogging is arguably one of the best ways to get noticed online as it allows you to create and publish your own content? University of Florida Professor Mindy McAdams argues in her blog post that aspiring journalists need to blog – and often – to promote their work.

However, before you start blogging, read University of Alabama assistant dean Dr. George Daniels’ five solutions to becoming a better blogger.

One last note about blogging – Your posts should be between 350 – 500 words.  Keep your audience in mind, they prefer brevity.

What about social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest and Youtube?  All can be excellent platforms for branding yourself as a journalist. Then again, proceed cautiously as all of these platforms can ruin your credibility as a journalist as well if used wrong.

Luckily for us, we have the internet accessible to us (usually) at all times of the day and even from multiple sources – i.e. computer, tablet, mobile.  Do your homework, read online content, and educate yourself on how to use these formats to your advantage. The answers are out there.

With so many options, which social media site should you heavily consider being on if you want to create a following for yourself? Twitter.

If you aren’t already on the Twitter bandwagon and aren’t sure how to get started, check out McAdams blog post.

Twitter is arguably more powerful than many of us even think. It allows you to be on top of breaking news.  Think back to the Arab Spring and the vital role Twitter played in allowing news to get out and inform the world.

Jillian York talks about the role social media played and continues to play in revolutionizing the Arab region in her article on Nieman Reports.

As McAdams also explains, Twitter is a great place to Network. The name of the game depends on who you know, so start a conversation via Twitter with that reporter you’ve always admired. Why not use these social media formats to your benefit as much as possible?

I found Jay Adams  article on Smedio about effective tweeting laid out in seven points very helpful.

The internet is a big place filled with lots of opportunities for you to get your name out there.  Stay informed and keep producing good content.


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